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SongWriters Workshop
Thursday 8/29 7-9pm!

$15 Reserved $20 @ the Door 

Space is limited

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Musician's Club of Oregon

485 South State Street, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034, United States


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Come Join The Band!

The Musician's Club of Oregon is an equipped facility for musicians, at any level, to explore, expand, discover, and develop their musicality.  Think of it as a gym for musicians.  Come and work it out with your fellow members.  Everyone is a member of the band. We play with and for each other.  This is not a school or performance venue, but you will learn a lot and improve your performances 


Muse for Life

Music is different for everyone.  What does  music mean for you?  How can we learn from you desire to grow your connection to music. 


Wanted Intent, Passion, and Emotion

The more we know what we want out of our music the more passion we can present.  This isn't about  pleasing an audience it's about please you, the musician. Music to many is a key component of life.  How do we express this for our benefit and possibly that of others.  Can we use this to transfer captured knowledge so that others can absorb it.  Music as a communications tool not just a form of entertainment.  If music is a form of knowledge and knowledge is power then music is power.  The power used in the right fashion can benefit others.  Music can  encourage and promote well being.  It  can enlighten and bring awareness to situations and a path to solutions.  Music isn't just about love, won or lost, it's about life.  Positive music helps us all it's a form of pep talk.  When sad things happen some of us tend to write out of compassion fatigue which can have a healing effect, but we also need to write about the happy times as well.  Funny though when we have the happy times we just want to live in them and not spend the time reflecting (writing)

What Does Membership Mean?

Who Are We?!

So you love music?  Maybe you try to write some too!  Playing in front of people is sort of cool, but it's not really what music is for you. Your not really sure what music means to you but you need it every day!  Well, that's perfect because music means different things to everyone.  Let's see what the Band has in store for you today?  What, you say you have never been in a band before.  Now you are in a huge one.  Every member is involved and gets to play.  We play for ourselves and for each other.  We provide help and receive it in return.  This community band has tons of talent and since it isn't judged by performances it is allowed to flourish organically.  What ideas have been floating around in your head that you have wanted to share?  Need to find a drummer, bass player, guitar player, keyboard player........Come on down, let's make some music together! 

Work it out – Everyone needs space to work on their music other than the comfort of your own home.  Just like home gyms are great it sure is nice to stretch out communicate with others an discover need things.

Mission statement – The Musician’s Club of Oregon provides a location for Musicians to gather. The core of any type of organized group is the community it creates. The Musician’s community needs a facility designed with its members first and foremost. The Musican’s Club of Oregon has removed the performance (anxiety) from the equation. The daily Sessions and weekly Playshops provide a platform for growth.  The collaboration with like minded Musicians provides an endless opportunity for exploration. Those in different levels of music development can aid others directly though developed friendships or indirectly just by mere exposure.

Musicians in need of complements to their musical direction can team up with others to see what works. This is a no strings attached opportunity for Musicians to play recreate and expand what is music to them. Some my change whom they play with on a daily basis other could make musical relationships that could last a lifetime.

Musicians have the place to bounce off idea with others. The equipment provided by the Musican’s Club of Oregon with allow those with large instruments (drums and piano) to come without the load. Others (guitar, bass, and vocals) will have the option of bringing their own gear or using that which is provided. Regardless it will remove the need to bring ones own PA and amplifiers.

The Musician’s Club of Oregon provides a recording studio for individuals or groups that would like to capture their music.  


Band / Club memberships


Instrument and Accessory Retail

Club Equipment and Retail

Looking for some new gear?  Come shop here!  We are not only using Fender as house equipment but it is available for purchase as well 

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